Avalon's Roundtable Governance and Management structure includes colour-coded corporate branches operated by our professional/ trade guilds, guided by a central executive council and advisory.  Council Directors are the 'vision keepers' and have executive roles as well as financial and legal responsibilities for Avalon as a whole.  Directors initiate and co-develop exciting training, fellowship and contract work opportunities with the professional/ trade guild members and community partners.  Currently Avalon has two full-time Directors, but as the branches grow we will be creating an ideal Executive and Advisory Council of 13 Directors, Advisors and Senior Managers. 

Profiled below are Avalon's Company Directors, Legal & Financial Advisors, and Honourary Advisors.  For profiles of our professional/ trade guild associates, please refer to the colour-coded portals above where you will find a list of registered guild members for each of our branches.  New associates are currently being added.  


Laurel Zaseybida

Bonnie Wilkes


Todd Sanderson

Nick Zaseybida

Mathew Dober


Doug Manning

Joel Solomon

Francine Gravel