"If you wish to understand the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration" - inventor Nicola Tesla

 Both leading edge science and spiritual wisdom traditions have proposed that we exist in a matrix of conscious intelligence and universal energy that influences all manifestations of matter.  This matrix also reflects an immense electromagnetic spectrum of light-energy waves and frequencies, of which the visible light and colours seen by the human eye are only a tiny portion (see below).



According to Einstein, "energy is neither created nor destroyed", only the form or expression changes in the unified field of informational energy. As a first rule of ecology and quantum physics, everything in the universal web is connected to everything else, and a shift in one aspect will instantly affect the whole system. So whatever is happening within us as human beings is affecting the outer world and vice versa. This understanding is the basis of Avalon's unique Colour-Energy Matrix and SHIFT methodology.

Our whole systems viewpoint has profound implications for understanding how to effect personal change and community sustainability. Holon theory states that all forms or systems at any scale operate as autonomous wholes while simultaneously being part of a greater level of organization. Moreover, there are fundamental, recurring patterns and processes found everywhere in creation called fractals. As shown in our related diagrams, from the smallest atom and the human body to the earth and the largest galaxies, we can find the electromagnetic egg-shaped torus. A 64 tetrahedron toroidal structure of organizing matter has recently been mathematically demonstrated in scale unification theory (Harramein, Hyson and Rauscher, 2008).  

The geometry and colours of our Avalon logo were designed to provide a guide to the underlying structures and functions of the universe. These correspondences are revealed in Avalon's evolutionary Matrix model and the methodologies and practical applications of our SHIFT Sustainability Framework. We make a meaningful comparison between the energy anatomy of the human body (which is the blueprint for our personal wellbeing), and community and organizational systems (which are the primary focus of sustainability efforts in society). In other words, we link the consciousness, vibrancy and flow of subtle energies in and around our bodies with the overall health or dysfunction of building environments, economies, cultural expression, and many other external manifestations.

The human body has seven major energy centres (whirling vortexes called chakras) that radiate the rainbow colour spectrum, with many minor chakras, meridians and transpersonal frequencies of light-energy that enable our higher spiritual potential. The Hershel Science Observatory and other leading research facilities in physics and vibrational medicine have demonstrated that all objects in the universe (including the human body) emit and absorb energy, as well as glow and vary in temperature.  The extent to which the body energy centres are open, flowing and aligned is related to the capacity of people to create a more conscious, sustainable society. Conversely, our efforts to create more livable environments and healthy social structures support our inner growth and spiritual development.

Thus Avalon promotes an evolutionary “inside-out” approach that is reflected in the colour-coded modules of our comprehensive SHIFT certifications, as well as the synergies of our Roundtable Governance and Management structure.  Our wide range of branch initiatives are further designed to transform consciousness and conventional practices into the new Sustainable Society paradigm. See also the Avalon World Tree of Abundance.

You can CLICK anywhere on our Human Energy Anatomy diagram to learn more about how this awareness can provide powerful pathways for personal transformation and community sustainability. You will find a navigation bar at the base of each of the 13 coloured panels that correspond to the various energy centers and community functions.

*Please note that the Colour-Energy Matrix Model, SHIFT Framework and all our derivative works (projects, integrated systems, services and programs) are proprietary to Avalon.  Please see our Website Terms of Use.