Avalon intends to expand our unique model and methods of personal transformation and community sustainability to other parts of Canada and the world.  We invite leading edge professionals, green tradespeople and community activists to initiate the formation of an Avalon Chapter in their own region or country.  When there is sufficient membership registered in the seven professional/ trades guilds for that area, Avalon head office will send out a representative from Executive Council to help guide the new chapter in its formation and community development and programming activities.  

Avalon's roundtable governance and management structure is ideal for communities everywhere who want to do integrated community sustainability plans and comprehensive ecovillage projects.  New chapters will also be able to extend Avalon's trademarked systems, services, programs and initiatives into their own community contexts and agendas.  The regional chapters will enjoy guidance and support from Avalon's Executive Council and Advisory, and will be able to dialogue with our entire membership through our upcoming World Cafe forum.  Each chapter will hold its own annual Gala Awards, and may send representatives for further training and networking at larger Avalon events and assemblies.

Please feel free to contact our head office if you and other members of your community or country would like to start an Avalon Chapter.