The Avalon Alliance is dedicated to building a healthy, inspired and green society. Our head office is based in Canada's Okanagan Valley, but our projects, services and programs are international in scope and influence.

Avalon was founded by Laurel Zaseybida, a community planner with broad expertise in sustainable development, environmental design and new energy science. She has created an innovative Matrix model and the SHIFT process for personal growth and community evolution that advances current thinking about sustainability. These “inside-out” approaches integrate timeless wisdom traditions with quantum physics and unified field theory, new biology and other scientific breakthroughs. This leading edge knowledge has many practical applications.  Avalon’s perspectives and capacities continued to expand with the involvement of the late Bonnie Wilkes and our core team members and advisors.

Avalon’s holistic viewpoint has also been applied to our organizational structure, creating seven branches that are launching a wide spectrum of exciting community initiatives. Energy-generating building designs, ecological infrastructure, ethical enterprises, pioneering natural therapies, lively multicultural events…all our ventures and activities create a sustainable future for community!

We assist people and organizations with realizing their personal and sustainable development goals through our consulting services, educational programs and hands-on training. Our innovative approaches will also be showcased in exciting conference expos and green development projects, and licensed for outreach to other communities worldwide.

Avalon’s core management team and advisors are the "vision keepers" and guide the organization according to our core values and branch missions. Our professional/ trade guild members are selected for their complementary expertise, creativity and integrity.  All parties work together in a unique, interdisciplinary council and guild structure. Project teams, service solutions, programs and events respond to the need for social change and evolve dynamically along with our membership. Avalon has created many types of community involvement and partnerships, with the understanding that wide participation builds true awareness and a strong grassroots movement.