The Avalon Alliance companies bring to life an integrated vision of personal, community and global transformation. Our SHIFT sustainability framework helps people and organizations consciously evolve the economy, social culture, built systems and environment within neighbourhoods, workplaces and city regions.
Avalon cultivates a space of heart and integrity.
We co-create with our partners, clients, membership and project stakeholders. We use whole systems thinking and provide innovative tools to help people realize their aspirations.
Please click the colour-coded branch portals above to discover Avalon's consulting services, design-build projects and learning programs that promote green healthy solutions and living in harmony. We
 journey on a quest to restore communities and the earth in abundance. Come join us and share in the adventure!

Avalon launches a new website, e-news and social network with expanded services and innovative programs!

Avalon helps create the kind of life and community people really want! While Avalon has always promoted a well…

New edition of the award-winning book, "Breakthrough Power", available this spring!

To help the public learn about outside-the-box clean energy inventions, an updated edition of Breakthrough Pow…

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Avalon New Renaissance Faires

Avalon New Renaissance Faires

Our upcoming spring and fall faires 2017 will take place in SE Kelowna. These magical festivals will include a costumed horse parade, world music, sustainability expo, exciting tours & games, regional harvest feast and masquerade ball. Dress up and join in the fun!

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